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small_folder_image Catalog Quick Links
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1. Baseball, Softball and Sports Turf Surfaces
1.01 » Infields, Pitcher's Mounds, Batter's Boxes, Home Plate Areas, Warning Tracks, Infield Conditioners and Drying Agents
1.02 » On-Deck Circle, Fungo Circle, Coaches Box Pads
1.03 » Infield Grooming Equipment
1.04 » Batting Practice: Batting Cages, Tunnels, Turf Covers, Mats and Protective Screens
1.05 » Portable Pitching Mounds - Fiberglass Frame Portable Mounds: True Pitch, The Perfect Mound, Pitch Pro, Foam Core Portable Mounds: Portolite, ProMounds, Proper Pitch, Portable Mounds with Polyermized Clay: Porta-Pitch, RFP Mounds
1.06A » Hollywood - Bases, Pitching Rubbers, Home Plates, Training Aids
1.06B » Soft Touch Bases
1.06C » Rogers Breakaway Bases
1.06D » Bolco - Bases, Pitching Rubbers, Home Plates
1.07A » Field Marking: Dry Line Marking Chalk & Equipment
1.07B » Field Marking: Turf Paints, Marking Equip., Stencils and Layout Systems
1.07C » Field Marking: Layout Systems
1.08 » Foul Poles
1.09 » Rain Covers
1.10 » Water Removal Equipment and Drainage Systems
1.11 » Watering Hoses and Equipment
1.12A » Aluminum Benches
1.12B » Aluminum Bleachers
1.13A » Backstops
1.13B » Backstop and Wall Padding
1.14 » Fence Guards
1.15 » Windscreen and Distance Banners
1.16 » Ball and Barrier Netting
1.17 » Fencing - Portable and Safety
1.18 » Miscellaneous Baseball Equipment
1.19 » Turf Top-Dressings and Landscape Products
1.20 » Geotextiles, Turf Covers and Bench Tarps
1.21 » Turf Protection
1.22 » Artificial Turf

2 » Bocce | Boccie Court Surfacing - Bocce Court Mixes, Court Brooms, Drag Mats, Hand Rollers, Fast-Dry Surfaces, Court Layout, Scarifier/Lutes & Rakes, Top-Dressing, Calcium or Magnesium Chloride, Choosing Your Bocce Court Surface, Constructing & Maintaining Your Bocce Court

3 » Cricket Pitch Clays

4 » Equestrian Surfaces

5 » Football and Soccer Surfacing

6 » Horseshoe and Quoit Pits

7 » Playground Surfacing

8A » Tennis Courts: Natural Clay and Fast-Dry Clay

8C » Tennis Courts: Har-Tru Accessories

9 » Running Tracks

10 » Volleyball Surfacing

11 » Gym Guard Floor Protection, Gym Mats and Indoor Wall Padding

small_folder_image Infield Mixes, Pitcher's Mound Clays, Home Plate Clays, Catcher's & Batter's Box Bricks, Red Warning Tracks, Infield Conditioners, Drying Agents, Pitcher's Mound Building Tool, Batter's Box Templates / Chalkers
» Beam Clay® Infield Mixes:
Original Premium, Pro Premium, Medium & Medium Pro, Lite / Economy, Northeast Red Premium, Regional Infield Mixes available nation-wide!

» Pro's Choice®:
Select Red, Select Pro Red, Red, Ceramic Plus Red, Rapid Dry, Infield Guards, All Pro Marking Chalk, Diamond White Plus Marking Chalk, Easy Mound Clay, Pro Mound® Mound & Home Plate Clay (Extra Firm "Blue Gumbo"), Easy Mound Bricks, Pro Mound® Mound & Home Plate Bricks

» Diamond Pro®:
Red Infield Conditioner (red bag), Double Play® Infield Conditioner (red/blue bag), Grey Infield Conditioner (grey bag), Pro Colored (1mm Minus - blue bag) Dark Red, Rose, Camden (light brown), or Dark Drown, Pro Grey (1mm Minus - blue bag), Calcined Clay Top Dressing (5/30—Green Bag), Calcined Clay Drying Agent (16/60—Orange Bag), CALCINED CLAY PRO GRADE (8/16—Blue Bag), MOUND/HOME PLATE CLAY - Reddish-Brown, Medium-Firm (black bag), PROFESSIONAL MOUND CLAY - Tan, Extra-Firm (yellow bag), MOUND/HP BRICKS, ATHLETIC FIELD MARKING DUST—Extra Bright White (white bag), GREEN DIVOT SAND (green bag), INFIELD MIX in bulk, MOUND & HOMEPLATE CLAY in bulk, PROFESSIONAL MOUND CLAY in bulk, WARNING TRACK MIX in bulk

» Stabilizer®:
INFIELD CONDITIONER - For Infields That Are Too Soft & Dusty! Adds Firmness & Resilience!

» Hilltopper®:
Polymerized Infield Mix, Polymerized Warning Track Mix, Polymerized Infield Conditioner, Polymerized Mound & Home Plate Clay

» Mar Mound™ & Mule Mix™:

» Red Brick Dust Infield Conditioner

» Red Brick Dust Top-Dressing

» Red Brick Warning Track

» Red Lava Dust Infield Conditioner

» Red Lava Dust Top-Dressing

» Red Lava Dust Warning Track
» Diamond Dry®
» Pitcher's Mound and Batter's Box Bricks
» Permanent Pitcher's Mound and Batter's Box Pads
» Pitcher's Mound Top-Dressings
» Mound Building Tools
» Batter's Box Templates: 4' x 6' Baseball, 3' x 7' Softball, 3' x 6' Little League
» E-Z Batter's Box Chalkers

small_folder_image On-Deck Circle, Fungo Circle, Coaches Box Pads, Dura-Pad with Logos, Professional Circles

» Dura-Pad with Logos, Professional Circles
» Medium-Duty Red Polyurethane
» Medium-Duty Artificial Turf
» Light-Duty Artificial Turf with Logos

small_folder_image Infield Grooming Equipment
» Drag Mats: Flexible Drags, Rigid Drags, and Eraser Drags
» Cocoa Mats: Rubber Backed, Chain Braided
» Nail Drags and Infield Scarifiers: Hand Drag, Cut and Level Drag Screen, Newstripe Drag King, Fieldmaster, Dirt Doctor, Dirt Medic,
» Infield Groomers
» Hand Infield / Turf Rollers
» Yankee Rakes and Squeegees
» Midwest Rakes, Sifting Scoop, Squeegees and Brooms
» Edgers / Sod Cutter

small_folder_image Batting Practice
» Batting Cages - Portable: Big Bubba, Bubba Elite, Sandlot
» Baseball / Softball Batting Tunnels
» Batting Practice Turf Covers
» Baseball / Softball Batting Practice Mats
» Batting Practice Scarifiers

small_folder_image Portable Pitching Mounds

small_folder_image Hollywood®/Schutt® Bases, Pitching Rubbers, Home Plates, Training Aids
» Hollywood®/Schutt® Bases
» Soft Touch Bases
» Rogers Break Away Bases
» Bolco - Bases, Pitching Rubbers, Home Plates
» Big League Base Plugs
» CH Anchors

small_folder_image Field Marking: Dry Line Marking Chalk & Equipment
» Dry Line Marking Materials
» Guideline® Athletic Field Marker
» All Pro Plus® Athletic Field Marker
» Plus 5® Athletic Field Marker
» Diamond White Select® Athletic Field Marker
» Pure Line® Athletic Field Marker
» Diamond Pro® Athletic Field Marking Dust
» Dry Line Marking Machines:
» E-Z Batter's Box Chalker
» Stackhouse®
» True Liner
» White®
» Aerosol Can Paints
» Artificial Turf Paints
» Athletic Field Marking Paints
» Mautz®
» MTP Aerosol Cans
» Athletic Field Paint Marking Machines
» Aerosol Can Striping Machines
» Fieldlazer™ Airless
» Jiffy®
» Newstripe®
» Smithco
» Field Layout Marking Systems
» E-Z Fastpitch Circle Template
» E-Z Right™ Field Layout Systems
» Line Mate Caddy Systems
» Marksmart Field Marking System
» Basic Set (Corner/Midfield)
» Baseball Field Lining Package
» Cross Country
» Field Hockey
» Flag Football w/Pylons
» Football Field Set
» Intramural/Club Sport Set
» Lacrosse
» Rugby
» Soccer Field Set
» String Winders
» Tape Measures
» Measuring Wheels
» Athletic Field Stencils
» Permanent Foul Lines

small_folder_image Foul Poles
» Foul Poles

small_folder_image Turf Top-Dressings and Landscape Products
» Athletic Field Top-Dressings
» Athletic Field Construction Mixes
» Bentonite Clay
» Colored Sands
» Crumb Rubber
» Divot Repair Products
» Green Sands
» Mulches
» Peat Humus
» Planting Mixes
» Pond Liner Clay
» Reed-Sedge Peat
» Sands
» Sphagnum Peat Moss
» Top-Soil
» Top-Dressings For Sport Turf
» White Beach Sands

small_folder_image Rain Covers
» Rain Cover Kits
» Rain Covers - Full Field Covers
» Rain Cover Storage Pipes and Storage Covers
» Rain Cover Accessories

small_folder_image Water Removal Equipment and Drainage Systems
» Super Soppers®
» Diamond Pumps
» Terra Flow Drainage Systems

small_folder_image Watering Hoses and Equipment

small_folder_image Benches and Bleachers
» Benches
» Bleachers

small_folder_image Backstops, Backstop Padding and Wall Padding
» Backstops
» Backstop Padding
» Wall Padding

small_folder_image FenceGuards
» Fence Guards
» Econo Guards
» Soft Guards
» Foam Guards
» Rail Padding

small_folder_image Windscreen and Distance Banners
» Windscreen
» Distance Banners

small_folder_image Ball and Barrier Netting

small_folder_image Fencing - Portable and Safety

small_folder_image Miscellaneous Baseball Equipment
» Baseball Rubbing Mud
» Cleat Cleaners
» Dri-Ball®
» Dug-Out Equipment
» Grate Guards
» Beam Clay® Shirts and Hats

small_folder_image Artificial Turf

small_folder_image Boccie Courts
» Beam Clay® Boccie Court Mixes
» Boccie Court Brooms
» Boccie Court Drag Mats
» Boccie Court Hand Rollers
» Boccie Court "Fast-Dry" Surfaces
» Boccie Court Layout
» Boccie Court Scarifier/Lutes and Rakes
» Boccie Court Top-Dressing
» Calcium Chloride
» Choosing Your Boccie Court Surface
» Constructing and Maintaining a Beam Clay® Boccie Court
» Constructing and Maintaining a "Fast-Dry" Boccie Court
» Magnesium Chloride
» Reconditioning or Resurfacing a Beam Clay® Boccie Court

small_folder_image Equestrian Surfaces
» Beam Clay® Horsestall Mixes
» Beam Clay® for Bridle Path and Horse Arena Mixes
» Rubber Granules for Equestrian Tracks
» Sports Grids - Synthetic Reinforcement Fibers for Equestrian Tracks
» Stabilizer® for Equestrian Tracks

small_folder_image Football
» Bench Tarps
» Sideline Covers/Sideline Bench Tarps
» Terra-Cover® Turf Protection Covers
» Turf Armor® Turf Protection Covers
» Turf Blankets
» White Aluminum Spikes

small_folder_image Golf

» Bench Tarps
» Enka Mat®
» Geotextile Fabrics
» Running Track Covers
» Sideline Covers/Sideline Bench Tarps
» Sod Staples
» Terra Bond® Geotextile Fabrics
» Terra-Cover® Turf Blankets
» Terra-Cover® Turf Protection Covers
» Turf Armor® Turf Blankets
» Turf Armor® Turf Protection Covers
» Turf Blankets
» Turf Defender® Turf Blankets
» Typar® Geotextile Fabrics
» Typar® Landscape Fabrics
» Typar® Turf Blankets
» Typar® Bio Barrier

small_folder_image HORSESHOE PITS and QUOIT PIT MIXES
» Beam Clay® Horseshoe Pit Clay
» Pro Mound® Clay
» Diamond Pro® Clay
» Mar MoundTM Clay
» Constructing or Resurfacing Horseshoe Pits

small_folder_image PLAYGROUNDS
» Rubber Granules
» Safety-EdgTM Curbing
» Rubber Curbing
» Safety Mulch
» Partac® White Playground/Beach Sands
» Partac® Colored Playground Sands

small_folder_image TRACK and CROSS COUNTRY
» Aluminum Curb Markers
» Cinder Track Curbing
» Cinder Tracks
» Jet Track™ Mix
» Marking System
» Measuring Wheels
» Mile Marker Signs
» Multiple Track Dry Line Markers
» Rotating Track Gates
» Running Track Rubber Curbing
» Safety-Edg™ Curbing

small_folder_image VOLLEYBALL
» White Beach Sand for Volleyball Courts
» Safety-Edg™ Curbing
» Rubber Curbing
» Volleyball Court Layout

small_folder_image Product Brochures and Instruction Sheets

» BEAM CLAY® Baseball Diamond Mix - Original & Pro Premium, Medium & Medium Pro Infield Mixes, Lite Infield Mix, Northeast Red Premium Infield Mix, Regional Infield Mixes
» Team List - See a partial list of teams using our products!
» Photo of Beam Clay® Premium Baseball Diamond Mix
» Baseball Field Layout / Dimensions
» Little League Pitcher's Mound Layout / Diagram
» Softball Field Layout / Dimensions
» Softball - Slow Pitch
» Softball - Fast Pitch
» Softball, Baseball, and LL Field Layouts


» Beam Clay® Pitcher's Mound Clay
» Beam Clay® Home Plate Clay for Batter's and Catcher's Boxes
» Pitcher's Mound Top-Dressings
» Mound and Batter's Box Bricks
» How Many Mound Bricks Do You Need?
» Pro Mound® Clay Blocks
» Mar MoundTM Clay Bricks
» Diamond Pro® Mound/Home Plate Bricks
» Perma-MoundTM Permanent Pitcher's Mound Pads
» Perma-MoundTM Installation Instructions
» Repair Instructions
» Safe "T" Matt SystemTM Permanent Batter's/Catcher's Box Pads
» Safe "T" Matt System Installation Instructions
» Pro's Choice® Pro Mound Packing Clay
» Hilltopper® Mound and Home Plate Clay
» Diamond Pro® Mound/Home Plate Clay
» Mar MoundTM Mound/Home Plate Clay

small_folder_image RED WARNING TRACKS

» Beam Clay® Red Infield Conditioner
» Pro's Choice®
» Diamond Pro®
» Red Brick Dust and Red Lava Dust
» Stabilizer®
» Diamond Dry®

» Chain Link Backstops
Beam Clay
» Baseball Mix
» Baseball Diamond Mix
» Building and Maintaining Safe Pitcher's Mounds and Home Plate Areas
» Home Plate Clay
» How Many Mound Bricks Do You Need?
» Infield Mixes
» Beam Clay Instructions
» Pitcher's Mound Clay
» Pitcher's Mound Top-Dressings
» Red Brick Dust and Red Lava Dust
» Team List
» Why is BEAM CLAY So Special
small_folder_image Diamond Dry®
» Diamond Dry® Information Brochure
» Diamond Dry® Installation Instructions
» Diamond Dry® More Absorbment
» Diamond Dry® Flier
» Diamond Dry® vs. Calcined Clay
» How to use Diamond Dry®
Diamond Pro®
» Diamond Pro Product Line
Turf Blankets
» Turf Blankets and Field Covers
» DuPont Turf Blanket Product Information
» DuPont Turf Blanket Installation Instructions
» DuPont Turf Blankets
» Turf Defender
» Turf Defender Technical Data
» Turf Defender Installation Instructions
Regional Infield Mixes
» Alabama Red Infield Mixes
» Alaska Red Infield Mixes
» Arizona Red and Brown Infield Mixes
» Arkansas Red Infield Mixes
» California Red and Brown Infield Mixes
» Colorado Red and Brown Infield Mixes
» DC Red Infield Mixes
» Florida Red Infield Mixes
» Georgia Red Infield Mixes
» Guam Red Infield Mixes
» Hawaii Red Infield Mixes
» Idaho Red and Brown Infield Mixes
» Illinois - Red and Brown Infield Mixes
» Indiana - Red and Brown Infield Mixes
» Iowa Red Infield Mixes
» Kansas - Southwestern Infield Mixes
» Kansas Red Infield Mixes
» Kentucky Red Infield Mixes
» Louisiana Red Infield Mixes
» Michigan - Red and Brown Infield Mixes
» Michigan Red Infield Mixes
» Midwest Red Infield Mixes
» Minnesota Red Infield Mixes
» Mississippi Red Infield Mixes
» Missouri Red Infield Mixes
» Montana Red and Brown Infield Mixes
» Nebraska Red Infield Mixes
» Nevada Red and Brown Infield Mixes
» New Mexico Red and Brown Infield Mixes
» North Carolina Red Infield Mixes
» North Dakota Red Infield Mixes
» Ohio - Red and Brown Infield Mixes
» Oklahoma Red Infield Mixes
» Oregon Red and Brown Infield Mixes
» Puerto Rico Red Infield Mixes
» South Carolina Red Infield Mixes
» South Dakota Red Infield Mixes
» Tennessee Red Infield Mixes
» Texas Red Infield Mixes
» Utah Red and Brown Infield Mixes
» Virginia Red Infield Mixes
» Washington Red and Brown Infield Mixes
» West Texas Red Infield Mixes
» West Virginia - Red and Brown Infield Mixes
» Western Pennsylvania Infield Mixes
» Wisconsin - Red and Brown Infield Mixes
» Wyoming Red and Brown Infield Mixes
Team List
» Check-out our partial list of teams using Beam Clay products.
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